Rick Fahmie, an award-winning designer and creator of 'Lugata' conceptualized this extraordinary gaming table to be as much an original work of art as it is a recreational centerpiece.

"I wanted a gaming table in my own home that would represent a high level of sophistication and would be beautiful enough to display in the living and social environment in the house."

The result is the world's first patented combination table that automatically raises and lowers 3" to keep both game options at regulation height. With a background in high-end cabinetry, Rick drew on his experience as co-founder of Kitchen Expo in La Jolla, one of the world's most distinguished interior design firms.

'Lugata' is custom designed and boasts exotic wood veneers from redwood burl to crotch mahogany. It's perfect for those who want both billiards and table tennis, but want to sustain or enhance their home's opulent appearance.